ATV Helmets

FLY Lite
  • Snell 2000 / D.O.T. 
  • Approved New high tech aerospace process creates a woven carbon fiber/Kevlar shell that is ultra lightweight and extremely tough. 
  • Removable washable interior for comfort. 
  • High volume flow through ventilation.
  • Ultra lightweight large size weighs in at 2.75 lbs. 
  • Worn by Factory Yamaha’s Tim Ferry.
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  • D.O.T. Approved. 
  • New light weight composite Shell. 
  • New design shell and mouthpiece. 
  • High volume flow through ventilation. 
  • Plush absorbent interior. 
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O’Neal WF542 Helmet


  • Completely redesigned for 2002, the WF542 helmet offers the ultimate combination of performance and value that exceeds SNELL 95, EC and D.O.T. safety standards. 
  • This polycarbonate helmet features a custom designed visor, mouth piece and goggle positioning pad, removable liner and durable clear coated graphics.
  • Available in Red, Blue, Green and Grey. In Sizes XS – XXL
  • Retail Price $119.95
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HJC CLX-4C Kids Helmet

  • America’s best selling off-road helmet takes on a whole new look with the HJC CL-X4C. 
  • Available in 5 exciting new graphic color combinations, the CL-X4C is bound to keep HJC atop the off-road world for years to come.  
  • Lightweight injection-molded thermoplastic shell with three shell sizes for added comfort from youth to adults. 
  • Two adjustable forehead vents, two lower rear venturi exhaust vents, and a flush-mounted chin vent allow flow-through ventilation. 
  • Aerodynamic vented visor with matching helmet graphics, adjustable with aircraft aluminum side screws. 
  • Enlarged eye port opening for greater visibility and integrated non-slip goggle strap holder.
  • Retail Price $109.95 
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HJC CL-2 Half Helmets

  • HJC sets the standard in comfort and style with the CL-2 half-helmet. 
  • Lightweight injection-molded thermoplastic alloy shell.  Adjustable forehead vent allows flow-through ventilation. 
  • Plush, brushed nylon interior.  
  • 3-snap smoke bubble visor.  
  • Removable (zip-off) neck curtain with brushed nylon liner for added comfort. 
  • Retail Price $89.95
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HJC CL-5 Open Face Helmet

  • Comfort, convenience and value describe the CL-5 open-face helmet. 
  • Lightweight injection-molded thermoplastic alloy shell. 
  • Adjustable forehead vent allow flow-through ventilation. 
  • Plush brushed nylon interior for a comfortable fit. 
  • 3-snap smoke bubble visor. 
  • Retail Price $99.95
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THH T-5 Half Helmet

  • D.O.T Approved. 
  • ABS lightweight painted shell. 
  • Removable neck liner and ear flaps. 
  • Front vents. 
  • Comfortable interior. 
  • Visor included.
  • Retail Price $49.95
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THH T-380 Open Face Helmet

  • D.O.T. Approved 
  • ABS shell with painted finish. 
  • Visor included. 
  • Comfortable, padded interior. 
  • Flow through ventilation.
  • Retail Price $49.95
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